'The Argos demolition is good but we'll all need your help to survive'

The former Argos building.
The former Argos building.

The demolition of the former Argos site has been backed by two nearby businesses.

Crofts Chocolates, in Newborough, sits directly opposite the building.

Gekoglass owner Lindsay Broddle.

Gekoglass owner Lindsay Broddle.

Owner Alex Grant thinks knocking it down would tie in with the recent revamp of the Market Hall.

“There’s a lot of nice little shops and local businesses down this end so anything that can increase footfall is a good thing,” he said.

“At the moment it’s just an eyesore, a big empty space so it’s good that they’re doing something with it.”

Further down, inside Scarborough’s Market Hall, Gekoglass owner Lindsay Broddle is optimistic about the future impact of the demolition.

The tough part, she says, will be putting up with the disruption.

“Long-term I can see the benefits because once all of that has been knocked down people will see the market from across the road so we’re not going to have that problem where people are not seeing the market. But on the short-term we’re going to have a year of building works and a year of dust, noise and people not wanting to come to the Old Town at all. That’s what I’m frightened of.

“Every single business in the building is going to need local people’s support otherwise we won’t be able to survive and if the council could put up additional advertising and temporary signage during the works, that could help keep all the businesses going.”