This adventurous seal was spotted outside a Scarborough bar

Seal outside Blue Crush bar in Scarborough
Seal outside Blue Crush bar in Scarborough

A seal which had come ashore in Scarborough North Bay had managed to cross a busy road and get to the nearest bar!

The animal was spotted outside Blue Crush this morning, surprising passers-by who were out for a walk.

In the past the British Divers Marine Life Rescue organisation has advised members of the public to call its hotline on 01825 765546 if they find a seal or porpoise they are concerned about.

Coastguards have previously urged the public to only call 999 to report seals on beaches if the animal is injured.

A spokesman said that most seals only come ashore to take refuge from the bad weather

“Seals on beaches aren’t necessarily there because they are hurt and if you approach them they can respond aggressively," said a statement last year.

"Please think before calling 999 and asking for the Coastguard about a seal that just happens to be on a beach, unless you really think it’s hurt as it could take up time that we need to deal with real emergencies.”

Advice from the BDMLR if you fins a seal is to keep dogs and people clear, don;t approach them or put them back in the wate rand be aware that although seals look cute, they can inflict nasty bites.

The RSPCA’s emergency line is 0300 1234 999