This is why this lobster from Scarborough Sealife Centre is one in 50 million!


An extremely rare lobster has surprised staff at Scarborough Sea Life Centre after laying hundreds of eggs.

The lobster, named Harley-Quinn after it’s unique patterning, was long believed to be a male – however the truth was uncovered when Harley-Quinn laid eggs for the first time last week, confirming that the lobster is in fact female.

Harley-Quinn’s incredible colour scheme is so rare that she has been dubbed the one-in-fifty-million lobster. She was brought to Sea Life Scarborough in 2010 after being caught by a local fisherman in Bridlington who deemed her distinctive shell too rare to be destined for a dinner plate.

Instead, she was given pride-of-place in a display at the aquarium, where staff in a role reversal, have been serving her dinner every day since.

Two-tone lobster Harley-Quinn was named after the medieval jesters famed for their bi-coloured costumes.

The similarity is enhanced by the fact that Harley’s unusual pigmentation swaps sides when it reaches her claws.

Unusual blue, red, albino and even yellow lobsters have made headlines in the past…but Harley is thought the most unusual yet…a 50-million-to-one mutant.

Displays Supervisor, Todd German said: “Her initial discovery in 2010 was as both shocking as it was incredible to see a creature of her nature with such unique markings.

“To discover now, all these years on, that Harley-Quinn is in fact a female, is another big shock for the team! We had long assumed Harley-Quinn was male due to the shape and hardness of her swimmerets, but after the shock arrival of her eggs, her true gender has been revealed.”