WATCH: Scarborough's amazing journey through time from 1832-2019 including North Bay, Spa Bridge and Oliver's Mount

Travel back in time through a series of photographs to see what Scarborough looked like in 1832.

By Jade McElwee
Friday, 20th September 2019, 2:11 pm
Video by The Time Travel Artist, James Fox
Video by The Time Travel Artist, James Fox

This journey through time shows how the town has been developed over the years and attracted more and more tourists each year.

Although renowned for being an original seaside resort the town has built upon it's stunning scenery and sandy beaches to create adventures for people to see and do.

James Fox, who created the video, hopes that his creations "stirs memories and shows people places they thought they knew in a completely different light."

Video by The Time Travel Artist, James Fox

The 29-year-old said: "I began with an interest in rephotography (the art of retaking photos from earlier photographs). This progressed after college into 3D prints and then eventually time lapse films which I call 'Journey's Through Time'.

"I carefully select and credit photos of iconic locations around the country over a spread of decades/ years and combine them into a seamless animation so you can see changes unfold before your eyes."

James creates time lapse films for a variety of locations throughout the United Kingdom. More of his work can be found at