Whitby man loses his four year battle to cancer - a fundraising page has now been set up for his two 'heartbroken' young children

A Whitby man has lost his four year battle to cancer - just one month before his 30th birthday.

Friday, 23rd August 2019, 4:22 pm
A fundraising page has now been set up for the two young children so they can enjoysome happy times with their Mum.

Steven Fenwick was first diagnosed with Leukemia in 2015 at the age of 26 and began his chemotherapy treatment at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesborough.

The 29-year-old has left behind his two young children, Ebony, 10 and Coden, aged nine.

Steve Fenwick, their Grandad said: "Ebony and Coden have had more heartbreak than any child should have to deal with.

Steven's two young children Ebony and Coden

"The kids had to see their young seemingly healthy dad become weak with the gruelling treatment he had to endure, he could no longer kick a ball about with Coden or push Ebony on the swings. He became tired, weak and sick from the chemo and the days that weren't spent in hospital were spent laid in bed or on the sofa as the treatment took its toll."

A fundraising page has now been set up for the two young children so they can enjoy some happy times with their Mum.

On the page it states: "We would love to send them on a holiday of a lifetime next year to commemorate the passing of their much loved Daddy."

Towards the end of his treatment, Steven started to look and feel healthier and finally in 2018 he was given the all clear.

The family celebrated with a break away to Butlins and began to imagine how life could be as Steven was cancer free.

"Steven was able to start being the Dad he wanted to be and began to imagine how life could be now Steven was cancer free. It was the best time for the Kids as all they had ever known was Dad being unable to join in, Steven promised this was the start of more fun times ahead," he added.

However, just one month after Steven was given the all clear he became ill again and it was confirmed that the cancer had returned.

His only option was to have a stem cell transplant and luckily his Sister Stacy was a match.

In April he had the cell graft he needed to save his life at The Freeman Hospital, Newcastle.

Although the transplant was a success Steven became sick with secondary fungal pneumonia which saw him fighting for his life in ITU.

Steven added: "Ebony and Coden remained strong and so brave, they visited their Daddy and were hopeful he would come home, he did get better and fought the pneumonia only for it to return a second time.

"Weeks later Steven returned home to his family and although the road to recovery was going to be a long one at least they had him by their side. They even had a wedding to look forward to as Steven had proposed to Mummy.

"Steven was admitted to hospital again with an unknown infection and spent a further four weeks in ITU fighting for his life. It was a fight he however did not win."

Steven sadly passed away on August 14, aged 29 with his family by his side.

His funeral will take place at St Hildas Church, Church Square, in Whitby on Thursday August 29 at 12.45pm.

Donations can be made on the fundraising page here.