Personal trainer to take on world’s elite at Margate contest

Mum-of-two Katherine Bray.
Mum-of-two Katherine Bray.

Personal trainer Katherine Bray is set to take part in one of the UK’s most challenging bikini contests.

The mum-of-two will be pitting herself against some of the nation’s fittest, strongest people, at the Pure Elite World Championships Bikini and Bodybuilding Contest in Margate, this Saturday.

To gear up for this major challenge, she is following a strict regime of 6am gym sessions, calorie and content-controlled diets, and ‘posing practice’.

She will be competing in two categories: Bikini Divas Over 35s and Mums That lift amateurs.

Katherine, who has previously taken part in the renowned ‘Miss Galaxy Universe’ pageant, said: “Miss Galaxy was challenging but Pure Elite really is the epitome of the fitness world in this country, and a gateway to professional competition.

“I’m pushing myself to the limits in preparation, and going there with a winner’s mindset.”

Katherine is passionate about personal fitness as a route to achieving the best out of all aspects of life, and works with people of all ages and abilities across East and North Yorkshire, helping them to improve their overall health, self-confidence and outlook on life.

She said: “Taking part in competitions like this means I have to be at the absolute peak of my health, fitness and physique and my message to others is ‘I’m just an ordinary single mum juggling raising a family with the demands of running my business, and look what I can achieve – if I can do it, you can too’.”