Petition starts to save library

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THE campaign to save Eastfield Library has received a major boost after a petition was launched to save it from closure.

The library is one of four in the Scarborough area earmarked for the axe by North Yorkshire County Council under £2 million budget savings.

Libraries in Scalby, Ayton and Hunmanby are also under threat through the plans which would retain larger libraries in Scarborough, Malton and Pickering.

However, councillors in Eastfield have vowed to fight back against the plans and have instigated the petition to keep their vital facilities.

The campaign is being orchestrated by Eastfield councillors Brian Simpson, Geoff Evans and Johan Zegstroo.

Cllr Simpson, who is also a county councillor, said he was extremely disappointed with the manner in which the proposed cuts had been planned.

He said: “If the library was to close it would have a massive impact on local people, not just in Eastfield but the surrounding areas too.

“We all know the council faces cuts but this is the wrong way to implement them.

“Residents from Cayton, Osgodby and Crossgates regularly use these facilities and it would be a major loss for them.

“When you consider the plans for a housing development that will increase the population it is not the right time to be removing services.

“We hope this petition will make a difference and we have certainly had a very good response from residents keen to see the library remain open.

“I plan to take these petitions into as many shops and businesses in Eastfield as I can to help drum up further support and present the results to the council.”

The library, in High Street, was responsible for loaning more than 55,000 books, DVDs and audio tapes during the past year.

It has also been integral in broadening the horizons of local residents through computer and language courses and Cllr Zegstroo said he would be doing everything he could to retain it.

He added: “I find it quite sad that it has come to something like a petition to save the library.

“Eastfield Library provides services for so many people and to see it go would be appalling.”

The proposed cuts have brought widespread unrest throughout Scarborough with Cllr Derek Bastiman vowing to help save Scalby Library and Cllr David Jeffels set to fight for Ayton Library.

The Evening News has launched its own campaign to give you the chance to comment on the proposals.

State which library you are concerned about in the form above and send it to the Scarborough Evening News.