Petition to stop doctor returning to work grows

Naif El-Barghouti
Naif El-Barghouti

A Scarborough family will be in the town centre on Saturday asking people to sign a petition against a former Scarborough surgeon being allowed to return to work.

Sisters Lisa and Sharon Pickup have already started an online petition against Nayef El-Barghouty, who was suspended in July 2011 following a number of botched operations.

The surgeon has now been told he can practise medicine again, but 22 conditions have been imposed which he must abide by.

The sisters are campaigning to stop Mr El-Barghouty working in the NHS again following the death of their father Trevor Pickup in 2006.

Mr Pickup died following a routine operation, carried out by Mr El-Barghouty, and the family’s case is now being looked into by the General Medical Council.

The sisters are planning to dress as nurses and ask people to sign their petition in the precinct from 10.30am.

The online petition already stands at around 200 signatures and the family have thanked people for their support.

It can be found at - search for El-Barghouty.

Lisa said she was “shocked and upset” when she heard the surgeon had been given the go-ahead to return to work.

She added that the family had concerns about Trevor’s care at the time, but that had not been able to progress the matter legally as Mr El-Barghouty had been declared competent at that time.

The doctor, who worked as a vascular and general surgeon, was sacked from Scarborough Hospital in August 2011.