Pets make a homely visit

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It’s not often that you get to bring your best friend to work, but it’s proving so much fun that residents are enjoying the animal attention a second-time around.

A long-haired rabbit, guinea pig and dogs are some of the pets that have enjoyed a warm welcome at Dunollie Nursing Home in Filey Road this year.

In its second Bring a Pet to Work Day of 2013, Henry the Jack Russell took the starring role.

Owner and carer John Howe, shared the love when he brought in his cute rover to meet residents.

Other workers and friends also brought in their pets and will be in the running for the residents’ favourite vote in a competition that is set to run later this year.

It wasn’t all sad faces at the end of the day however when the four-legged friends left as the establishment has also welcomed permanent house pet Henry the sausage dog, who is owned by one of the residents.

Activities coordinator Sally Jones said that animal arrivals always prove popular at the home.

In light of this, visitors are welcome to bring in their pets at any time.

She said: “It went well, the residents love it and I think it’s good therapy for them.

“People are invited to come in with their pets whenever they like, as long as they are house trained. All they have to do is just ring up before to arrange it.”

If you are interested in taking your pet in to Dunollie Nursing Home, please call Sally on (01723) 372836.