IN PICTURES: Bygone British sitcoms - see if your favourite is here

As Only Fools and Horses is turned into a musical, we take a look at some of the British sitcoms no longer on our screens.

Thursday, 21st February 2019, 1:24 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st February 2019, 1:37 pm
Don't Wait Up was a British sitcom broadcast for six series from 1983 to 1990 on BBC1. It starred Nigel Havers, Tony Britton and Dinah Sheridan, and was written by George Layton. Havers and Britton played father and son doctors who moved in together following their respective divorces. The majestic Dinah Sheridan played Havers' mum

Among them are Don't Wait Up, On the Up, Bless This House and Oh No, it's Selwyn Froggitt.

Brush Strokes' Sandra is on the Yorkshire stage. Find out more here

Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt ran on the ITV network from 1974 to 1978. The series starred Bill Maynard as Selwyn Froggitt, a council labourer, Scarsdale Working Men's Club secretary, hapless handyman and all-round public nuisance. His catchphrase was, while giving the thumbs up, Magic Our Maurice It was created by Roy Clarke, who wrote the pilot episode transmitted in 1974, but the series was mostly written by Alan Plater.
On the Up was a British situation comedy written by Bob Larbey, about the failure of a millionaire's marriage, and his relationship with his assorted live-in staff. It starred Dennis Waterman, Judy Buxton, Joan Sims and Sam Kelly
Bless This House was a British sitcom that aired on ITV from 2 February 1971 to 22 April 1976. it starred Sid James and Diana Coupland as the parents struggling to understand their children played by Sally Geeson and Robin Stewart
Brush Strokes was a British television sitcom, broadcast on BBC television from 1986 to 1991. Written by Esmonde and Larbey and set in south London, it depicted the (mostly) amorous adventures of a wisecracking house painter, Jacko (Karl Howman). There were 40 episodes spread over five series. Jackie Lye who played Sandra is due to star in I Want That Hair at East Riding Theatre in Beverley
Up the Garden Path is a 1984 novel by Sue Limb, which was adapted into a radio series by BBC Radio 4, and later into a television sitcom by Granada TV for ITV. It starred Imelda Staunton as a hapless teacher unlucky in love - and was panned by the TV critics.
Is It Legal? is a British television sitcom set in a solicitors office in Hounslow, west London, which ran from 12 September 1995 to 9 December 1998. It starred Imelda Staunton
Based on Richard Harris's stage production, Outside Edge followed the lives of two couples, who bond only through the local cricket league. Roger (Robert Daws) and Miriam (Brenda Blethyn) couldn't be more different to Kevin (Timothy Spall) and Maggie (Josie Lawrence) but when they are thrown together, Maggie and Mim become good friends and learn from one another. It ran from 1994 to 1996
Up the Elephant and Round the Castle aired from 1983 to 1985. It starred comedian Jim Davidson, who played the role of Jim London, the show spawned a sequel, Home James!, which ran from 1987 to 1990. Up the Elephant and Round the Castle also gave early exposure to Anita Dobson.
Not On Your Nellie is a British sitcom that ran from 1974 until 1975. It starred veteran actress Hylda Baker as Nellie Pickersgill, a Bolton woman who moves to London to help run her ailing father's Chelsea pub. Seventeen episodes of the series were produced by London Weekend Television
Desmond's was a British television situation comedy broadcast by Channel 4 from 1989 to 1994. With 71 episodes, Desmond's became Channel 4's longest running sitcom in terms of episodes. The show was set in Peckham, London, and featured a predominantly black British Guyanese cast led by Norman Beaton
Clarence was a 1988 BBC situation comedy starring Ronnie Barker and Josephine Tewson, written by Ronnie Barker under the pseudonym "Bob Ferris". It was Barker's final sitcom appearance before his retirement. He played a short-sighted furniture shifter
Brighton Belles was a short-lived British sitcom based on the hit US. NBC sitcom The Golden Girls. The programme consisted of 11 episodes, which were broadcast from 1993 until 1994. It starred Wendy Craig, Sheila Gish, Sheila Hancock and Jean Boht
Don't Wait Up is a British sitcom that was broadcast for six series from 1983 to 1990 on BBC1. It starred Nigel Havers, Tony Britton and Dinah Sheridan, and was written by George Layton. Britton and Havers played father and son doctors who moved in together following divorce. The majestic Dinah Sheridan played Havers' mum