Pier repairs to cost £10,000

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REPAIRS to Scarborough’s Lighthouse Pier should cost less than £10,000 according to a leading Scarborough councillor.

Cllr Tom Fox was speaking at the full meeting of Scarborough Council when he read a statement by Cllr Peter Popple, the cabinet member for harbours and land, who was unable to attend.

He said that a thorough investigation has been carried out earlier this month and the damage was “symptomatic” of that kind of structure. “The cause has been identified as loose stone fill being washed out through holes,” he said.

Cllr Fox said that the work should take about two weeks to complete. He added: “We have organised an inspection of all sheet piling in both Scarborough and Whitby. The work should cost less than £10,000.”

The massive 10ft hole suddenly appeared at the end of Lighthouse Pier just before Christmas and was inspected by experts.

It is believed that recent heavy seas battered the pier and led to the surface collapse by weakening or washing away the loose material which had supported it.

The experts used a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) to inspect the breach on Wednesday, January 5, as well as checking the rest of the pier for any other defects or holes.

It is believed that the hole will be filled with concrete but it is yet unclear when the work will take place.

Large metal barriers, complete with warning signs, were put in place between the lighthouse and the First World War memorial gun to protect members of the public.

At the time of the collapse John Riby, Scarborough Council’s head of technical services, stressed that the pier was still structurally sound.

He added: “Our top priority at the moment is public safety, that is why we have cordoned off the area. There is no danger to the integrity of the pier and people will still have access to most parts of the harbour, with only the seating area near the gun out of bounds.”

The hole was discovered on Christmas Eve and harbour staff were on duty to stop people entering the area until the fencing arrived and could be put in place.

There was a similar collapse around 1993.