Pitch pledge to boost local teams

Scarborough Councillors 2007'Cllr David Jeffels - Derwent Valley (Cons)'submitted pic
Scarborough Councillors 2007'Cllr David Jeffels - Derwent Valley (Cons)'submitted pic

A commitment to providing better sporting facilities in Scarborough and across the borough is to be made by the council.

On Tuesday Scarborough Council’s cabinet is expected to adopt the wide ranging Scarborough Borough Playing Pitch Strategy.

The strategy, which has been drawn up with the input of sports clubs across the borough, covers a range of disciplines, including football, rugby union, rugby league, cricket and hockey,

Although not a pitch sport, tennis is also included due to the closure of the Filey Road Sport Centre in the coming years.

As part of the strategy the council will commit to ensuring there are more 9v9 and 5v5 football pitches in the borough, as well as 2.5 3G pitches in Scarborough and one in Whitby.

With cricket any clubs deemed to have a poor pitch will work with the council to try and bring the standards up. Whitby Rugby Union Club will be allowed to grow as the council will look to move the football pitch at White Leys Road and the womens’ game in Scarborough will be given more focus to help it move forward.

The council will also look to provide additional capacity at Eastway Sports Ground, which is used by Scarborough Pirates Rugby League team as well trying to find a home ground for the Yorkshire Coast Titans.

A 3G hockey pitch is also proposed at Caedmon School in Whitby.

Councillor David Jeffels, who has been involved in the drawing up of the strategy, said: “This will allow us to capitalise on the Olympic Legacy and ensure that sport plays an important part in the lives of people of all ages within the borough.

“It’s all about getting people fit.”