Pizza chain speeds up town plans


Pizza Express is pushing ahead with its plan to open a restaurant in Scarborough.

The national chain submitted a planning application to take over the X-Chainstore store at 11-12 Sandside earlier this year, sparking much excitement among pizza lovers.

Now the company has presented a licence representation to Scarborough Council, outlining the hours it wishes to operate.

In the application it states that it would like to serve alcohol and play recorded music from 11am until 12.30am from Monday to Sunday.

This would suggest that the restaurant could close at around 1am each day.

A spokesman for Pizza Express said that it intended to open in Scarborough in “summer 2015” but he added that they could not be more specific at this time.

In September Pizza Express outlined that it aimed to take over the ground and first floors of the property.

In its submission to the council it stated that it wishes to serve 76 covers on the ground floor and the same number again on the first floor.

The company said: “In this location Pizza Express will be an additional amenity that the tourists aspire to enjoy and will be consistent with its commercial neighbours, who will benefit from the principle of cluster development.”

Earlier this year Scarborough Borough Council’s planning officers approved a change of use for the premises that would allow a restaurant to move in when the clothes store moves out.

Pizza Express was founded by Peter Boizot.

He launched the company in 1965 in Wardour Street in the Westminster area of London and it now has 400 restaurants across the United Kingdom and 40 overseas in Europe, Hong Kong, India and the Middle East.

It was the first place in England to sell the now popular Peroni beer.

Due to copyright laws it operates in some countries, including Ireland, as Milano.

In July the chain was sold to a Chinese-based equity firm for £900 million.