Plans for Filey Road should consider residents and environment

Filey Road developments should be approached in a fair and balanced manner.
Filey Road developments should be approached in a fair and balanced manner.

I recently attended, as observer on the public balcony, a Scarborough Borough Council Planning Committee meeting concerning the Filey Road, Bramcote field and now Deepdale and College Avenues project.

It was of note that the slick, corporate Broadlands Property presentation briefly mentioned the “few positive comments” on this development from the local residents at their recent public presentation on this subject. No mention was made of the many negative and very vociferous opinions. Concerning the “state of the art” international sports facility, the logistical factor was glossed over. Apart from a few disabled parking spaces, no public parking is provided in an already busy residential area. Talk of bussing spectators into the site is ludicrous.

With regard to the proposed houses, six “state of the art” floodlit tennis courts and car/coach park on Deepdale and College Avenues, I do hope that our elected council representatives seriously study both the present and proposed situations. The residents of College Avenue already have high fencing and floodlights, with ball games, immediately to the rear of their properties. Putting more of this at the front will be a severe blight on their lives. Not only that but the whole project will ruin this green and pleasant South Cliff conservation area. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

I agree that something must be done with the old Filey Road sports centre site but any development should be on a smaller scale, restoring and using the present tennis courts with fewer houses in order to fit into the community.

The council, Broadlands Property and Scarborough College triumvirate must approach this in a fair and balanced manner, respecting the environment of all the South Cliff residents, regardless of the financial aspect.

Andrew Barnby
Deepdale Avenue