Plans to revive carnival

WORK is under way to bring back Scarborough’s traditional carnival procession.

The town was home to an annual summer event, with numerous floats and attractions, up until around five years ago.

It eventually came to an end due to spiralling insurance costs and health and safety fears.

However, the task of resurrecting the festival has now been taken on by Terence Knapton and Helen Garrand, who successfully brought back the Bramley Carnival in Leeds.

Mr Knapton said: “The one in Bramley started in the 1800s, went into the doldrums and we got it going again about 10 years ago.

“I’m all for community events and I’m really looking forward to getting a carnival back on in Scarborough.”

He added that although he lives in Leeds, he is a regular visitor to Scarborough and loves the town.

Mr Knapton added: “It’s all done on a voluntary basis by myself and Helen Garrand.

“It’s just something I love doing.”

The pair are hoping that the carnival will be along the lines of the traditional procession, with floats and majorettes, that happened in Scarborough for many years.

The event started off initially as the Benelux Festival, which was both a celebration of flowers and the relationship between Scarborough and Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Mr Knapton said: “It would be slightly different as we would like to have the parade, but also a number of stalls.

“Ideally we’d like the parade to come along the seafront, which is the focus of Scarborough.”

He added that the stalls would be a mixture of charities, local groups and businesses, and all the proceeds from the day would go towards supporting the RNLI.

Mr Knapton said: “It’s gone really well in Bramley and last year was very good.

“Quite a bit was raised for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.”

The proposed dates for the Scarborough event are Saturday 18 or Sunday 19 August.