Plea for people to respect park after spate of vandalism and theft

141910a'Scenesetters'Peasholm Park'Picture by Neil Silk'06/05/14
141910a'Scenesetters'Peasholm Park'Picture by Neil Silk'06/05/14
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Vandalism, theft and a potentially life-threatening stunt have taken place at Peasholm Park in just the last few weeks.

The award-winning park has been blighted by people stealing newly-planted shrubs and pinching money from the wishing well - after taking a hacksaw to the metal grille on top.

But more worryingly, a large “coping stone” was pushed down onto the path in the Glen from underneath Northstead Bridge.

Chairman of Peasholm Park Friends, Linda Harper, said: “If anyone was there, it could have killed them.

“It fell right onto the path - it was very dangerous.”

The recent spate of incidents has left the Friends group members feeling upset and calling for people to look after and respect the park.

Linda said: “We try to hold as many events as we can to raise money, which is all ploughed back into the park.

“The bulbs and shrubs that were stolen from near the Buttercup Kiosk were all paid for by group funds.

“A committee member had sent me a message to say they looked lovely, then the next day she sent another one saying they’d gone missing.

“It’s upsetting when you do everything you can to make the park look nice, then something like this happens.”

People were also dismayed to hear about the wishing well being broken into as all the money goes to Scarborough in Bloom.

Linda said: “People have taken a hacksaw to the grille and removed it to get to the coins.

“There would have only been a few pence, as it’s emptied regularly, but it caused a lot of damage which costs money to put right.”

Linda is hoping that these incidents have been isolated and want to make clear that it is only a small minority of people causing problems in the park.

She said: “The park is looking beautiful at the moment - it’s so peaceful and tranquil.

“We always encourage people to report any incidents by calling 101. Police do patrol the area and if they get more calls, they may patrol more.”