Plea from resident who has to step into traffic

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A Scarborough resident who is forced to step into the path of speeding traffic as a result of having no pavement outside his home has called for urgent measures to be introduced.

It comes after it emerged North Yorkshire County Council will be spending £13,000 on repairing a nearby footpath - a scheme branded as “waste on a big scale” by a local councillor.

Longwestgate resident Al Kenny who is calling for a pavement to be put outside some of the houses and traffic calming measures introduced'Picture by Neil Silk

Longwestgate resident Al Kenny who is calling for a pavement to be put outside some of the houses and traffic calming measures introduced'Picture by Neil Silk

Al Kenny, of 33 Longwestgate, has to deal with his home shaking when trucks speed past and often has to duck back into his property because his door opens straight into the road.

The lack of pavement, which also affects at least five other houses in the street, also means properties flood when there is heavy rainfall.

Mr Kenny said: “I suppose in the old days when these houses were built it wasn’t an issue because it was horses and carts going along here. Now you get big trucks. We even had a transporter coming going past one day with six cars on it.

“There are quite a lot of issues and obviously we are very close to a school so you would think drivers would slow down, but because it’s such a quick throughfare they just come speeding along.

“It’s dangerous and a problem that should be looked into.”

Castle Ward councillor Colin Challen has called for more consultation on highways schemes, after he discovered the county council was spending more than half the ward’s budget on pavement repairs in St Sepulchre Street.

He said: “The county council has allocated £25,000 to each division to repair footways and so on and I think we need a bit of a consultation about how this money is spent.

The idea is they want to restructure the footpaths. They want to close the street for up to four weeks which suggests it’s a massive job. The footpaths aren’t in such bad condition - one or two minor repairs could be carried out.

In my mind when other things should be prioritised they are just wasting money. It’s an example of waste on a big scale. Closing down the street and restricting access so residents and businesses are disrupted is a wee bit over the top for a county that is having to save £90 million.”

A county council spokeswoman said: “The condition of the pavement in St Sepulchre Street has long been of concern to local residents who have made representations to the local member, Cllr Janet Jefferson, about the need for repair on many occasions. It has been of particular concern to elderly residents. She therefore decided that a proportion of her allocation would be put to good use by upgrading the pavement.”

She said works are expected to be completed within the closure period and access will be maintained to Friarage School car park and a joinery business. She said the council was also looking into the possibility of a one-way system to keep traffic flowing outside working hours.

She added: “The council is aware of residents’ concerns about Longwestgate and is looking into possible solutions. However, any costs are likely to far exceed the £25,000 allowance to the Castle division.”