Plea on Janette Wharton

RE Janette Annice Wharton (nee Hillman):

My name is Anthony Hillman, and I am trying to contact a lady who, I believe, used to work for Scarborough Council. Her name is Janette Annice Wharton, but her maiden name was Hillman. We share the same father (Clive Hillman) from different marriages. Thus she is my half-sister.

She married in late 1995 to Stephen Wharton. Her profession was given as a local government officer. At this time she lived in Candler Street in Scarborough. I believe she may have been living in the West Midlands for a while, but she might now be back in the Scarborough area. If anyone knows her I would be grateful if they could pass her my details.

My telephone number is (01795) 530877, mobile 07913 995714, and my email is

A Hillman

Stonebridge Way