Plea to make road changes after crash

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A SCARBOROUGH woman has raised concerns about road safety in her street following a crash.

The incident happened at around 3.50pm on Thursday in Cambridge Street, off Victoria Road, when a delivery van collided with two parked cars, pushing one of them into a lamppost.

The damaged cars were a silver blue metallic Honda Civic and a gold Nissan Micra.

Residents gathered in the street after hearing a load crash outside.

Ann Tennant, who has lived in Cambridge Street for nine years, launched a campaign a couple of years ago to try to improve safety for residents.

The campaign, which featured a petition, called on Scarborough Council to make the street one way and install speed bumps.

She said: “We were told at the time that this street needs to remain two way as Nelson Street and Hoxton Road are one way.

“But the street is a rat run and people tend to go too fast down here. Only two or three weeks ago a guy outside here crashed into another car.”

She added that someone was knocked down in the street a few years ago.

Ms Tennant, a teaching assistant, said there is also the issue that the road, which has parking bays down one side, is not wide enough for two cars to pass each other if they are going in opposite directions.

Vehicles are having to mount the pavement to allow the other one to pass.

She said: “We have children playing out on the footpaths and my greatest fear is that someone will get hurt or that a car will crash into somebody’s house.

“Things are bumping into each other all the time and because I live here I see it all.

“I’m just fed up with it – something needs to be done.”

Police confirmed that they were investigating the incident, but that no arrests had been made at the time of going to print.

Nick West, highways area manager for North Yorkshire County Council, said: “It is regrettable that an accident has occurred in Cambridge Street. However I am relieved to hear that this incident did not involve personal injury.

“The borough council, as Agent Highway Authority, has received requests in the past from residents for Cambridge Street to be considered to be made one way.

“A significant downside of making roads one way is that it can lead to increased traffic speeds. This is undesirable, particularly in residential streets.

“If changes were being proposed for Cambridge Street, then traffic arrangements in the neighbouring streets in this area would also have to be reviewed.

“It is important that any spending on traffic management or improvements is targeted at ‘high risk’ sites where there is a proven history of personal injury accidents.

“On this basis it is unlikely that any specific traffic management measures can be prioritised on Cambridge Street at present. However, all sites are kept under review.”