Pointing to a brighter future: new tourism signs finally installed

New signs are being installed
New signs are being installed

All of Scarborough’s eyesore signs will be replaced by Christmas as part of a £50,000 investment to the area.

Old, tattered and out-of-date signs, many of which were covered with tape, are being replaced following a campaign by The Scarborough News and others in direct discussion with North Yorkshire County Council leaders.

The water park and other new attractions are now included on signs

The water park and other new attractions are now included on signs

This is part of a £50,000 programme, developed by the county council, to smarten up the highway signage in the Scarborough area.

New signs are now in place on Burniston Road but more tourism signs, which incorporate South Bay and North Bay attractions, will be installed on Stepney Hill, Scalby Road, Filey Road and Seamer Road in the next week.

The council’s aim is to have all new and updated signage in place before Christmas.

North Yorkshire County Council leader Carl Les said: “We are very pleased that the new signs are now being put in place and we welcome this initiative to take pride in Scarborough and to work with people in the town and The Scarborough News to improve appearances.

“Because the county council is in the middle of a £170m savings programme we have been maintaining our signage across the county on a needs basis, prioritising those signs where there is a safety issue.

“But we are committed to supporting Scarborough’s community and its businesses and we recognise the need to raise the profile of the town and help to promote growth and develop tourism.”

New developments such as the Alpamare waterpark, the new sports village, the CU Scarborough university and the UTC college were not included for traffic direction.

Pleas by readers of The Scarborough News over the state of roads signage in the area led to a renewal pledge by the county council in February.

This paper took up the cause with a public campaign after numerous complaints from readers and tourists who said the signs were “confusing” and a “mess”.

John Senior, of South Bay Traders, said: “We are pleased now. When they were originally designed there was a preference to the North Bay and now that it’s been rectified we are satisfied.

“It’s a step forward in the right direction. It’s important that people know where they are going.”

He added: “We have fought hard to get what we have. I think everywhere wants to promote their own areas but Scarborough is stronger


The purpose is to update or replace existing signs to reflect changes to local and national traffic signs policy and regulations.