Police and council prepared for Scarborough protest

EDL march towards Scarborough town centre today
EDL march towards Scarborough town centre today

The English Defence League (EDL) is planning to demonstrate in Scarborough today.

They intend to march and demonstrate in support of homeless veterans. This will have an impact upon the town centre this afternoon.

A counter demonstration is expected to occur, organised by 'Unity' - a range of groups who are opposed to the presence of the EDL. Unity state they are supported by Unite Against Fascism, Unite the Union and Scarborough People's Assembly.

This activity is expected to take place from 11am to 4pm and may cause some disruption in the town centre, particularly in the vicinity of Vernon Road, Aberdeen Walk and the area outside the Brunswick Shopping Centre.

It is expected to be the busiest Christmas shopping day of the year so far and the police have said they will have a strong presence in the town.

North Yorkshire Police have engaged with representatives from the EDL to facilitate peaceful and lawful protest. North Yorkshire Police also commenced discussions with representatives from Unity to facilitate an appropriate counter protest, but Unity subsequently withdrew from further dialogue. North Yorkshire Police are continuing to try and engage with Unity and will seek to facilitate peaceful protest by all parties on the day.

The police and Scarborough Borough Council have been working together, along with a wide range of local organisations, to plan for the demonstrations and to minimise disruption in the town centre and are also working with British Transport Police in relation to the rail network and Scarborough Train Station.

Police are urging people not to be provoked into reacting to the demonstrations.

In the community, local neighbourhood policing teams and council representatives will be available to reassure and assist the public.

Updates can be found on Twitter using the #ScarboroughDemo hashtag.