Polished performance

Appearing in Scarborough for the first time, the WT Feaster Band took to the stage brimming with confidence.

They produced a highly polished and professional performance and were genuinely delighted when their act was greatly appreciated. Hailing from Indianapolis in America, Travis Feaster on guitar and vocals, Austin Shearer on bass and Chris Taylor on drums said audiences in Europe were far more attentive and receptive than they were back home.

The lion’s share of the band’s material came from their two CDs, Long Overdue and Wish You Well. The majority of the songs were pacy, with good driving guitar riffs, plus the odd ballad, shuffle and boogie. They played good cover versions of Born Under a Bad Sign, Mr Pitiful and Stevie Winwood’s Dear Mr Fantasy.

These Blues was perhaps the best song of the evening, involving solos from each member of the band. Austin’s driving bass patterns were followed by a highly original drum fill from Chris and Travis. Chris took his sticks and knocked out pulsating rhythms on microphone stands, tables, Austin’s bass and even the stage’s wooden flooring, while Travis played a backing beat on the drums.

It was all highly entertaining stuff and earned the band a spontaneous burst of applause, culminating in a well-deserved encore.

For most people the evening ended much too soon and I do not doubt this band will be re-booked to play again in the not-too-distant future.