Calls for cut in cabinet size

A MOTION to cut the size of Scarborough Council’s cabinet from nine members to six is to be put forward.

The council’s Labour group have proposed the move, saying the size of the cabinet should reflect the reduced numbers of chief officers and staff at the local authority.

It is claimed that the move would save at least £11,500 in allowances and Cllr Colin Challen, the deputy leader of the Labour group, said some cabinet members “rarely have anything to say for themselves at council meetings.”

He added: “It is time for the leader of the council to cut the size of his cabinet so it is more in line with the management of the council.

“I suspect that it is the size it is because it has a useful patronage function, but with so many staff gone, councillors have to look at their own bureaucracy too.

“We would like savings made to be ploughed into developing the scrutiny function, which is going to become more important as the council takes on more responsibilities looking at policing and public health, for example.”

Scarborough Council leader Tom Fox said: “I have not had formal notification that they have put forward a motion. I do not know what it is but if it is brought before the full council it will be debated.”