Council approves Futurist demolition plans

The Futurist

Scarborough Council's planning committee this afternoon approved the plans and method to demolish the town's iconic Futurist theatre.

Council submits demolition plan for Futurist

Flamingo Land boss speaks out over Futurist plans
The vote was 11 votes to three in favour of the plans.

The Flamingo Land plans

On Tuesday the council agreed to the £3.91m costs of the demolition ahead of today's vote.

Flamingo Land has already been announced as the council's prefered bidder for the site - which the company wanting to build a coastal attraction with rides and space shot tower.

Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre, which for decades has been one of the best-known seaside venues in the country playing host to names including The Beatles and Shirley Bassey, has been boarded since 2013.

In January the council voted by 22 to 21 to move ahead with the demolition of the building.

How the site will look following the demolition

The demolition will be carried out using, in the council's words, "high-reach mechanical plant fitted with demolition attachments and water hoses to suppress any dust generated."

Part of the King Street car park will also be dug away to allow a 10m wall to be put in place as part of the stabilisation process. Asbestos will also be removed prior to the demolition.

The decision will now be referred to the National Planning Casework Unit to decide whether the application should be called in for determination by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid. If it is not called in a decision could be issued in three weeks. If it is called in and a public inquiry is ordered then it could delay the demolition for a year.

If it is not called in the demolition is not expected to be completed until late into 2018.

The Futurist in its glory days

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Janet Jefferson, who spoke out in favour of refusing the plans, said she was "disappointed" by the decision.

Campaigner Patricia David said she hoped the decision would be called in.

She said: "The decision was not a surprise but we will now be writing letters to the secretary of state to call in the decision."

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