Council election – contests for all 50 seats

A TOTAL of 141 candidates will battle it out for seats on Scarborough Council next month, it has been revealed.

The list was published by the council following Monday’s deadline for nominations.

A council spokesman said: “All 50 council seats in the borough are being contested, with 141 people put forward for election.”

He added that candidates could still withdraw from the election but the list represented those who had been nominated.

The election, as well as 39 parish and town council elections across the area, is due to take place on Thursday May 5.

At the last borough election, held in 2007, the Conservatives lost five seats, picking up 23 of the 50 available, with 15 Independents being returned and six Liberal Democrats. Labour plunged to having just four councillors while the Green Party doubled its tally to two members.

On the same day as the borough and parish elections there will also be the national Alternative Vote referendum, which will give residents the opportunity to vote on whether the UK should adopt the alternative voting system for UK Parliamentary elections.

Council candidates nominated for each ward:

Castle (two seats): Colin Challen (Lab); Mark Chamberlain (Con); Ros Fox (Con); Janet Jefferson (Ind)

Cayton (two seats): John Blackburn (Con); James Brace (Lab); Simon Green (Ind); Barry Pearson (Lib Dem); Roberta Swiers(Con)

Central (two seats): Alan Baud (Con); David Billing (Lab); Eric Broadbent (Lab); Christine Mark (Ind); Chris Phillips (Green); Trisha Scott (National Front); Malcolm Short (Lib Dem); Garry Unsworth (Ind)

Danby (one seat): Janet Peake (Lab); Herbert Tindall (Con)

Derwent Valley (two seats): Mick Jay-Hanmer (Ind); David Jeffels (Con); Robert Lockwood (Lib Dem); Heather Phillips (Con)

Eastfield (three seats): Gavin Barker (Ind); Nick Butterworth (Ind); Geoff Evans (Lib Dem); Deborah Fox (Con); Carole Gerada; Michael Kelly (Con); Brian Simpson (Lib Dem); John Warburton (Lab); John White (Lab); Tracey White (Lab); Johan Zegstroo (Lib Dem)

Esk Valley (two seats): Brian Crinion (Ind); Tim Lawn (Con); Dalton Peake (Lab); James Preston (Con)

Falsgrave Park (two seats): Andy Ellis (Ind); Jennifer Kelly (Con); David Malone (Green); Pat Marsburg (Ind); Kev Riley (Lib Dem); John Ritchie (Lab); Stuart Swann (Ind)

Filey (three seats): Michael Cockerill (Ind); Sam Cross (Ind); Colin Haddington(Con); Keith Wood

Fylingdales (one seat): Judith Dennett (Lab); Jane Mortimer (Con)

Hertford (two seats): Godfrey Allanson (Con); Nick Harvey (Green); Melissa Macdonald (Con); Andrew Sharp (Lab)

Lindhead (one seat): Andrew Backhouse (Con); Debby McDonald (Ind); Joanne Watson (Lab)

Mayfield (two seats): David Chance (Con); Tricia Griffin (Green); Jane Kenyon (Con); Ellie Whitehead (Lab)

Mulgrave (two seats): John Armsby (Ind); Marie Harland (Con); Diana Jeuda (Lab)

Newby (three seats): Sue Backhouse (Con); Liz Black (Lib Dem); Mick Cooper (Ind); Andrew Jenkinson (Con); Hazel Lynskey (Con); Paul McLean (Lab); Amanda Nunns (Green); Cec Ridley (Ind); Brian Watson (Ind)

North Bay (two seats): Bill Black (Lib Dem); Norman Oldham (Green); Bonnie Purchon MBE (Ind); Subash Sharma (Lab); Guy Smith (Ind); Martin Smith (Con); Teddy Sulman (Con)

Northstead (two seats): Alix Bartlett-Cook (Lib Dem); Carl Maw (Lab); Angela Micklethwaite-Morris (Con); Norman Murphy (Ind); Peter Popple (Ind); Peter Toolan (Con); Kate White (Green)

Ramshill (two seats): Nick Brown (Con); Thomas Creasey (Lab); Amanda Robinson (Ind); Lana Rodgers (Lib Dem); Mark Vesey (Green); Stuart Walker (Con)

Scalby, Hackness and Staintondale (two seats): Derek Bastiman (Con); John Flinton (Con); Magnus Johnson (Liberal); Geoffrey Marsden-Jones (Green); Richard Thompson (Ind)

Seamer (two seats): Mick Cutler (Green); Bob Jackman (Lib Dem); Helen Mallory (Con); Leo McGrory (Con); Roxanne Murphy (Ind); David Raine

Stepney (two seats): Kevin Allen (Ind); Michelle Andrew (Lab); Lynn Bastiman (Con); Dilys Cluer (Green); Gareth Franks (Lib Dem); Robert Nicholls (Green); Edna Oxley (Lab); Jonathan Simmons (Con); Tony Snow (Ind)

Streonshalh (two seats): Dorothy Clegg (Con); John Dickinson (Ind); Kenneth Graham (Ind); Ian Havelock (Ind); Richard Ineson (Ind); Simon Parkes (Lab); Sandra Turner (Con); Noreen Wilson (Lab)

Weaponness (two seats): Colin Barnes (Lab); John Bradley (Ind); Judy Deans (Green); Tom Fox (Con); Sean Hunter (Ind); Penny Marsden (Con)

Whitby West Cliff (two seats): Alf Abbott (Con); Gerald Dennett (Lab); Wynne Jones (Green); Joe Plant (Con); Mike Ward (Ind); Geoffrey Wilson (Lab)

Woodlands (two seats): Steve Bairstow (Lab); Bill Chatt (Ind); Andrew Leak (Lib Dem); Phil McDonald (Ind); Josephine O’Leary (Con); Sarah Priestley (Green); Peter Southward (Con).