'Better than an empty site' - Big Wheel for Futurist site in Scarborough divides opinion

Yesterday The Scarborough News announced potential plans for a London-Eye style big wheel on the former Futurist Theatre site.

By Corinne Macdonald
Thursday, 20th June 2019, 3:58 pm
A generic shot of a big wheel.

The news divided opinion amongst readers with some welcoming the idea of a temporary attraction in the space and others arguing it could be better used for something else.

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London Eye-style wheel for former Futurist Theatre site in Scarborough

The site has been earmarked for a controversial new Flamingo Land attraction for which discussions are ongoing.

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The former Futurist site. PIC: Richard Ponter

In the interim, the council is looking for an operator to bring a 'high quality observation wheel' to add value to the resort's overall facilities.

On Facebook several readers thought a temporary wheel was a good idea.

Neilnicki Charles Coops said: "Better something there than nothing, and this is a great idea!"

Gill Nicholson agreed: "Better idea than previous. At least it won't be just left as a car park for the summer."

Matt Adams also thought it was better to use the space than leave it empty. He said: "Why not use up an empty space for a while, better than the empty concrete there at the moment."

However, not everyone welcomed the idea and several alternative suggestions were given.

Andy Williams said: "Whatever it is needs to be temporary as don't forget its National Armed Forces day here next summer and that area would be ideal for a Grandstand so the older folks have somewhere great to sit and watch whats going on without having to battle the crowds."

Ros Hudson added: "Splash pad for young children and seats/ picnic tables for families and the elderly and some clean toilets/ changing facilities. Ideal for families who don’t want/can’t afford to eat in. When the tide is in, somewhere for little ones to play!"

Ann Ward was not convinced the wheel would offer a better view than elsewhere in the town.

She said: "Observation of what? Oliver’s Mount is the viewpoint. Make it an entertainment space with music - booked slots - circus acts etc. Proper entertainment with deck chairs. Covered with a canvas sail roof for shade/rain."

Grace Mason wanted to see an offering suitable for every season.

She said: "Whatever goes there needs to be something that will attract people all year round and provide year round jobs. Anything that requires good weather is pointless, as is anything that’s expensive to visit. Schools are off 13 weeks of the year, which is when the majority of visitors come to Scarborough.

"Two of those weeks are over Christmas. We don’t need another unaffordable tourist attraction."