Concerns raised over plans to serve alcohol at new Whitby bingo hall

Concerns have been raised about plans for alcohol to be served in a new bingo hall in Whitby.

The Harbour Café Bar located in Galleon Bingo in New Quay Road wants to supply alcohol for consumption on and off the premises from 9am until 11pm seven days a week.

The bingo hall, a former William Hill betting shop with a refreshment area, is located in the town’s cumulative impact zone.

The zone creates a presumption that applications for new licences will normally be refused if relevant representations are received.

The bingo hall is located in a former William Hill betting shop. (Photo: Google)

The burden of proof is shifted to the applicant to provide evidence that the premises will not add to the problems in that area.

Six members of the public have objected to the plans from the bar to serve alcohol and now Scarborough Council’s licensing sub-committee will meet on Wednesday next week to decide whether to grant the premises licence.

A report prepared for the committee states: “The applicant states that due to the nature of our business the customer base are inclined to be middle-aged plus as a result across all of [its] bingo clubs have never had to deal with any public nuisance related problems.”

The objections from the public raise fears about an increase in antisocial behaviour, “urination” in public yards, disturbance to neighbours and concerns about the mixing of alcohol and gambling.

The councillors will have to decide whether to grant the licence, amend it or refuse it outright.