Independent councillor hits out at Scarborough Council leader over 'lack of communication'

An Independent councillor has hit out at the leader of Scarborough Council for his "failure to communicate" with elected members.

Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 4:06 pm

Cllr Bill Chatt is among five councillors who, on Tuesday, signed a motion of no confidence against Cllr Steve Siddons.

Talking about the reasons that drove him to take action against the head of the Labour administration, Cllr Chatt spoke of a "lack of communication," accusing the leader of "not getting councillors involved" prior to decisions being made.

"His mantra has always been open and transparent but we've seen none of that," he said.

Cllr Chatt (left) has signed a no confidence motion against Scarborough Council leader Cllr Siddons.

"I've been a councillor since 1999 and I've never felt so pushed out and that's what frustrates the life out of me. He doesn't communicate, he doesn't email, nothing."

According to Cllr Chatt, the structure of the current Cabinet, which is made up of only three councillors, is another cause of frustration as "it does not represent Whitby, Filey and the villages".

"Scarborough Town Centre is important but it's not the only thing.

"Steve Siddons has had time to look at this and make changes but he's done nothing."

Making clear he is not speaking up for personal gains - he stated he has no intention to sit in the Cabinet - Cllr Chatt said he wants to see "people who are going to be committed to improving the lives of people in the borough" in charge. However, he said he doesn't know who the next leader could be.

Cllr Siddons responded to the no confidence motion by issuing a statement focusing on his new ‘Building a Better Borough’ scheme. He added: “It is a pity that a handful of councillors have moved a motion to stop this progress.”

A meeting with Chief Executive Michael Greene is expected to take place tomorrow.