New pitch lighting needed to keep Scarborough's hockey club in the town

A bid had been made to replace the lighting at one of Scarborough’s artificial pitches to stop the town’s hockey club from having to play games 20 miles away.

An image from the planning application gives an idea of what thew new lighting would look like.

Scarborough Hockey Club currently uses the Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) pitch at Scarborough College on Filey Road, the only pitch in the borough suitable for competitive hockey.

The lighting at the pitch is now out of date and the college has applied to Scarborough Council to replace it and extend the hours of use in order to allow the hockey club to remain in the town. The pitch will also be used by the college and the community.

The college’s application states: “Without planning permission for extending the hours of use and new sports lighting, Scarborough Hockey Club will have to train and play at an alternative pitch. The closest suitable hockey pitch is in Pickering, almost 20 miles away.

“Without the improved lighting, Scarborough College will be unable to safely play afternoon sport during the winter/autumn months. In the height of winter there are only seven hours of daylight, greatly restricting the use of the AGP by the school.

“Without the improved lighting, Scarborough Hockey will have no place to practice during the winter months, when hockey is played. The hockey season is from September through to March.

“It is proposed that Sports Lighting will be fitted with a smart control unit. This will control the overall operation of the sports lighting system, enabling individual pitches to be illuminated to reduce over-lighting the whole area if it is not all in use. The smart control also means that curfew times are adhered to by switching the system off at the specified time.”

Scarborough College, an Independent Day and Boarding School, says the new lighting, which has been designed by a specialist with guidance from Sport England, will limit the light overspill that currently exists from the site.

The report adds that Scarborough Hockey Club is the “fastest-growing hockey club in the North of England” with an 80% increase in members over the last two years.

The plan is now out to consultation.