Councillor reports mayor and council officer over 'no confidence vote'

Scarborough Town Hall
Scarborough Town Hall

The proposed vote of no confidence vote into Scarborough Council's leader and cabinet has taken a further twist.

Earlier this month, Cllr Sam Cross and four other councillors, signed a motion of no confidence in the cabinet, which should have seen an extraordinary vote within seven days of the motion being submitted.

However, more than three weeks later Cllr Cross says the vote is being held up as the council is claiming it is in "purdah" due to the forthcoming North Yorkshire County Council elections on May 4.

Purdah is a convention which limits the scope of councils during an election period as to not have an influence on voters.

Cllr Cross says he sought advice from officials within the Local Government Association (LGA) officials, he added: "I was assured that [this[ was not the case."

He claims the council have said the motion "could" be put on the agenda of the next full council meeting in May.

In a letter to Filey Town Council, Cllr Cross said he was now taking the matter further.

He wrote: "I, therefore, felt it my duty to act in the best interests of the people of the Borough and the Councillors of both Filey and Whitby Town Councils, to lodge a formal corporate complaint against the Monitoring Officer [head of legal Lisa Dixon].

"I have also lodged a formal complaint against the Mayor of Scarborough [Cllr Simon Green], on grounds of his disrespectful failure to acknowledge or act upon the Requisition."

Cllr Cross told The Scarborough News: "All the advice I have been given from the LGA, which is above Scarborough Council, says that the normal of the business of the council should still proceed despite the county elections, which has nothing to do with Scarborough Council.

"This is not a political act, it is just following up from the votes of no confidence by Filey and Whitby town councils."

When contacted by the Scarborough News a spokesman for the LGA said: "It is up to individual councils and their legal teams as to how they handle the issue of purdah."