Election candidate: "Don't vote for me"

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

A candidate in the forthcoming North Yorkshire County Council elections is urging voters not to vote for him.

Sean Rowell has made the bold call after a Labour Party mistake meant the party managed to field two candidates in the Hertford and Cayton division.

Instead, he is urging those who would have voted for him to lend their support to fellow Labour candidate Rosie Adams.

A Labour source told the Scarborough News that the "accident" occurred due to crossed lines between the local party in Scarborough and Whitby and the Thirsk and Malton Constituency Labour Party, adding that local members thought Miss Adams would be standing in the nearby Filey division.

Now, in a post on his Facebook page, Mr Rowell has confirmed the error.

He wrote: "[For the elections it was decided] Thirsk and Malton would stand a candidate [in Hertford and Cayton].

"They did not have enough candidates, so Scarborough and Whitby suggested they field some.

"Thirsk and Malton happy for this to happen, so I put my name forward.

"Picked up the pack from Scarborough Town Hall, got my 10 signatures required from within the division and took the forms back to the council.

"This confirmed my standing as a Labour candidate for the division. I asked people to vote for me on May 4, lots said they would.

"I would never win, but it gave a choice to everyone who did not want Blue or Purple.

"Thirsk and Malton then managed to get someone to get some more candidates and accidentally stood one in Hertford and Cayton, without knowing that Scarborough and Whitby had already fielded one.

"So, that is why there are two Labour Candidates for Hertford and Cayton.

"So, the Tories got a hold of this and are now doing everything in their power to shame Labour. This was not the party's fault, it was a mistake by an individual doing the best for the voters in the divisions available in North Yorkshire.

"As a decent bloke, I have asked that people do not vote for me, this hopefully will give the other candidate, Rosie Adams a better return than what there would have been with two candidates from the same party. And the Tories are jumping all over this as well.

"Yes, I'm annoyed that it has happened, even though I knew I would not win, this has just made us all in Labour look incompetent. I know some people will be upset that I have asked them not to vote for me, but do vote for Rosie."

As the nominations were confirmed there was nothing the party could do and, therefore, will also have no candidate on the ballot in the Filey Division.