Fares boost for town’s cab drivers

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CAB fares in Scarborough could rise by almost 12 per cent for the longest journey if the move gets official approval next week.

Scarborough and District Taxi Association has applied to Scarborough Council’s Licensing Committee and it would be the first increase in fares since February 2011.

According to a report by Andy Skelton, the council’s head of Environmental Services, the only request made since last February was the inclusion of a booking fee last September.

He added: “This request has been made in light of the increased costs faced by drivers; factors such as higher insurance premiums, the high cost of fuel and cost of living are highlighted amongst others. If approved, the fare for a standard journey of three miles would increase by 6.2 per cent under tariff one.”

According to the report the three mile journey would rise from £6.40 to £6.80, however a 15-mile journey would rise from £20.40 up to £22.80 – an increase of 11.8 per cent.

Mr Skelton said the current fare regime consisted of four bands: up to 0.17 mile, one mile, up to five miles and more than five miles. He added: “The request seeks to remove the one-mile tier and increase the five-mile tier to seven miles.”

Members of the Licensing Committee have been asked by the association to take into consideration the following when taking their decision:

l The high cost of fuel and the prediction that diesel will pass £1.50 per litre during 2012

l Rises in insurance premiums

l Increases in costs of everyday essentials needed by drivers

l The high cost of running a motor vehicle

l The effect of a 20 per cent VAT rate on running costs

l Increases in general living expenses for all essential household goods – research by Age UK shows this to be running at around 20 per cent during the last three years.