Have a say on planning strategy

A MAJOR consultation exercise which gives residents the chance to say what developments they would like in their community is continuing this month.

The views expressed in the “About My Area” survey and supporting questionnaires will feed into the Community, Environment and Economy Development Plan document that will ultimately form part of the area’s Local Development Framework, a series of documents that will gradually replace the Local Plan over the next few years.

It will provide the policies and site allocations that will determine where – and how much – development takes place.

Scarborough Council forward planning manager David Walker said: “This survey gives residents a chance to have a direct say on the future policies that will ultimately determine whether some planning applications are granted and others fall by the wayside.

“As well as planning and the general infrastructure, the consultation also covers areas like investment and job creation plus how in the future we can best protect the rural landscape of our borough, while boosting tourism.”

The consultation started in June and focuses around four area-specific documents that have been produced – the Scarborough Urban Area, Whitby and surrounding villages, Filey and southern parishes and northern and western villages – with views sought on a range of planning issues that will need to be addressed across the borough, excluding the North York Moors National Park.

Copies of the documents are available to view at council offices, local libraries and can be provided on request (paper or CD copy).

Residents can also view the material and leave comments via easy-to-use specialist software at http://scarborough.limehouse.co.uk/portal

A number of exhibitions and drop-in sessions have already been held around the borough.