‘Illegal’ car parking fuels huge debate

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A FORMER Scarborough traffic cop’s accusations that the town is rife with illegal car parking tickets has fuelled a huge online debate.

Keith Hughes yesterday called on Scarborough Council to address its parking regulations, with wrong signs and markings driving punished motorists to despair.

Scarborough Council was found guilty of maladministration over on-street car parking rules and fines in 2004.

However, Mr Hughes has claimed the lesson has not been heeded, saying tickets on Seamer Road and routes near The Sands, in North Bay are illegal due to incorrect signs and markings which do not conform to the correct procedure.

He also pointed out double yellow lines in Avenue Road are not valid due to that fact they have worn away.

Cllr Andrew Backhouse, Scarborough Council’s cabinet member for transport, said the authority met all of the criteria for legal parking when it was granted decriminalised parking powers in 2007, and attributed the problem to “wear and tear.”

Commentators on the Scarborough Evening News’ website were divided in their view over the issue.

MiggyP said: “I can’t believe what some people come out with nowadays.

“Double yellow lines, whichever way you look at it, means no parking.

“To say double yellow lines on Avenue Road aren’t double yellow lines because they have been worn away is absolute drivel.

“Even though one may be slightly worn in places, it’s still two lines and people need to take responsibility for their actions.”

Another online commentator, known as 123inthearea, said: “I agree in one way but Scarborough Council should keep the markings in 100 per cent condition and designate a team to do this task on a daily basis.

“Itis only penny-pinching which causes this lack of maintenance.”

Yorker said: “A lot of bad parking is just due to laziness such as using bus stops when proper spaces are not too far away.

“The excuse is that they will not be long and that they were just nipping into a shop or use a cash machine.

“However, the disruption just continues and gets worse with others doing the same as soon as they go away.

“Some lines do need re-doing but so what?

“They are there and were done for a purpose.

FairDealForFiley added: “The law is the law.

“If either the markings or signage do not agree with conditions laid down in the law then the fines are obviously illegal.”