Jeremy Corbyn's visit to Whitby shows 'he cares about the North'

Local Labour candidate Hugo Fearnley said Jeremy Corbyn's visit to Whitby is testament to his commitment to the North.

Monday, 2nd December 2019, 3:48 pm
Updated Monday, 2nd December 2019, 3:51 pm

The leader of the Opposition arrived at the town's bandstand shortly after 2pm on Sunday.

There, he had a taste of Whitby's famous chips - he bought a portion from the Magpie Cafe - and took part in a rally outside the leisure centre.

Although Mr Corbyn was subjected to some online threats prior to his visit, Mr Fearnely, one of four candidates fighting for the Scarborough and Whitby seat, said the event was "positive" with many "offering their support" to the Labour leader.

He said: "There was a great atmosphere and people were saying how wonderful it was that he'd come to Whitby. It's not often that the leader of a major party comes to visit Whitby."

During his visit, Mr Corbyn paid his respects to the victims of the London Bridge terror attack, praising the response of members of the public and emergency services.

He also spoke of key Labour policies such as the party's Green Industrial Revolution and investment in public services.

Mr Fearnley, who showed him around during the day, added: "I was keen to welcome him to my home town, the third time in three years that he's been to this constituency which I think shows that he cares about the North.

Jeremy Corbyn with local Labour candidate Hugo Fearnley.

"I told him about the history of Whitby and some interesting facts about the Abbey and the town's connection to Dracula but I was also very keen to tell him about the social issues: low paid jobs, lack of opportunities for young people, social care... the things that we all care about."