Mayor and deputy set to be appointed

A NEW mayor and deputy mayor of Scarborough will be officially elected at a meeting next week.

Cllr Helen Mallory was the only candidate for the role of mayor and was unanimously accepted for the civic post back in March.

Cllr Mallory, the borough’s current deputy mayor, will succeed Cllr John Blackburn in the position from next Thursday.

There were two nominations to take over from Cllr Mallory in the deputy role – councillors Andrew Backhouse and Michael Jay-Hanmer – and the matter was decided by a paper ballot at a meeting of Scarborough Council.

Cllr Backhouse was the preferred choice following the vote.

The mayoral service budget has faced close scrutiny recently after it was identified as a possible area for the council to make budget cuts.

The review into possible cost cutting in the Mayoralty Service was initially triggered following a public consultation which asked what areas people wanted to see savings made and it was identified as the number one option.

The council’s Resources Scrutiny Committee has recommended that the existing car and driver be replaced with private hire vehicles as well as a review of the number of events attended by the mayor and deputy.

There has been a mayor for Scarborough since 1836 – the mayor is the area’s first citizen and the Queen’s representative in the area.