‘Mayor has important role to play’

SCARBOROUGH’S mayor does a good job and is a valuable ambassador for the borough, according to speakers at yesterday’s meeting of the Mayoralty Task Group.

The debate was part of cost-cutting centred on the civic duty in the wake of public suggestions on budgets – a total of 6,000 households were sent a questionnaire as the council looked to save £6.07 million over four years.

Savings have already been made and the council also set up a task group to look at the work of the mayor and try to save more money without negatively affecting the service.

John Senior, a spokesman for the South Bay Traders Association, said the mayor had been invited to attend a number of the organisation’s events and added that it was important for Scarborough to have it’s “first citizen”.

He said that providing a reliable chauffeur driven car was also essential. He said: “This is a man or woman who you are asking to give up valuable time. The least we can do is let them ride with some dignity and style.

“The car is rented – I don’t know how much more efficiently you can do it than that. We can put them in a horse and cart but it might take them a long time to get there.”

Mr Senior said he was aware of the amount of money raised as part of the community fund and agreed that the office had boosted the local economy by being present at events such as the Night Before The Colours and Armed Forces Day.

Christine Mark, the chairman of the Friends of Peasholm Park group, said that the mayor’s attendance at the organisation’s events was important and made volunteers’ hard work feel valued.

She said: “The mayor being invited to large gatherings brings together the residents and it brings together the tourists.”