New exit could help traffic congestion turn a corner

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DETAILED plans for a new exit to ease traffic flow at Scarborough’s Seamer Road Retail Park have been put forward.

In the coming months Scarborough Council planning chiefs will consider a planning application for an additional left-turn only exit on to Seamer Road near homeware store Dunelm Mill.

The application has been made by Town Chau, of traffic and highways consultancy URS Scott Wilson, which submitted the plans on behalf of the park’s owners.

It follows increasing problems with congestion and long tailbacks at the current single entrance and exit on to the busy A64, particularly as the retail park is now fully occupied since the arrival of Next Home and Brantano Footwear.

The application states: “Extensive discussions and agreement have been sought with both Scarborough Council and North Yorkshire County Council’s highways team to improve the traffic congestion in the area.

“The proposal is to construct a new priority controlled ‘left out only’ exit from the Seamer Road Retail Park which will allow retail park traffic to turn left, onto the A64 Seamer Road towards the south when exiting the retail park.

“To ensure the exit is only used by left turning traffic, the approach to Seamer Road is curved so that at the edge of Seamer Road carriageway, cars will be angled at about 45 degrees to Seamer Road. ‘Left turn’ signs and carriageway markings are also proposed which will ensure that all traffic will turn left.

“In order to physically restrict right turning traffic at the exit, a refuge island is proposed in the centre of the Seamer Road carriageway. In addition, as agreed with North Yorkshire County Council, pedestrian guard rails are proposed on the opposite side of the footway to restrict pedestrian crossing at this location.”

Motorists have told the Evening News about difficulties at the site, which is home to major stores such as B&Q, Halfords, Magnet and Pets at Home.

Queues have become a regular feature at the traffic lights and mini roundabout at the entrance.