New scheme boosts benefit payments

BENEFIT claims across Scarborough are being dealt with much quicker, according to new figures.

Scarborough Council have released figures showing a huge slash in the time taken to deal with claims.

According to the new statistics, the average time for a claim be processed between April and November this year is in 15 days, compared to 18 days in the same period last year.

The figures also revealed there were 525 private customer interviews in December last year, with 2,605 people seen face to face straight away this year.

Waiting time has dropped to around 4 minutes and 80 per cent of customers are being dealt with inside 10 minutes.

David Ponton Brown, the council’s Revenues and Benefits Manager, said: “Making a claim for housing or council tax benefit can be quite difficult and daunting for many people and we want to ensure that customers get the best possible service so we can process their claim quicker.

“Where possible, by bringing any supporting evidence with them at the same time as making a claim, means we can give a more responsive service.”

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