Pub wants open hours extension

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A SCARBOROUGH Council licensing committee will decide on Wednesday whether to change the conditions of the licence of an Old Town pub.

The application has been received from John Wilson, from the Leeds Hotel in West Sandgate, who would like to provide late-night refreshment and extend permitted hours.

But the plan has received 14 objections from interested parties over issues such as noise, loud music, nuisance and anti-social behaviour during unsocial hours.

In a report, prepared for members of Wednesday’s Licensing Sub-committee, licensing officer Alan Fane said: “The objectors have been invited to attend this hearing and will be given the opportunity to address members regarding their concerns. The applicant has been invited to attend.”

He added that the primary concerns relate to historical issues including:

l loud music

l karaoke

l disturbance from people leaving the premises or stood outside smoking

l noise from taxis

l and the mess from discarded cigarette ends.

He said: “Primarily the concerns relate to historical issues concerning loud music, karaoke, disturbance from persons leaving the premises or stood outside smoking, noise from taxis and the mess left by discarded cigarette ends.

“Objectors refer to their close proximity to these premises, the residential nature of the neighbourhood and young children being disturbed after midnight.

“Reference is also made to the age of the premises, its structure and design explaining that it is incapable of preventing sound leakage.

“Members will note that the premises has been closed for a considerable length of time and only re-opened recently. Many of the issues raised are therefore directly attributable to the previous landlords.”

The applicant had asked permission to open until midnight Monday to Saturday – and for an additional hour on bank holidays – and until 1am on Christmas Eve.

Mr Wilson also stated that there would be no services or activities that may give rise to concern in respect of children.

He has also offered to install a digital CCTV system, which would be time and date coded, covering the entrance, bar area and main serving areas. The CCTV recordings would be kept for inspection for a total of 14 days.

The hotel was one of the locations used for the 1997 film Little Voice, which featured a host of stars such as Jane Horrocks, Michael Caine, Brenda Blethyn and Ewan McGregor.

Jane won a Bafta nomination for her role as the title character, a shy young woman who sings the songs of Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Bassey.