Public consulted on sports village

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RESIDENTS in Scarborough will have a say in developing the area’s sporting future after new plans were revealed this week.

RESIDENTS in Scarborough will have a say in developing the area’s sporting future after new plans were revealed this week.

Scarborough Council is due to consider publishing three draft development briefs for consultation in connection with proposals for a new council owned sports and leisure village in Scarborough.

As well as the proposed sports development, which could include 2,000 capacity football stadium on the former Weaponness car and coach park, the plans would involve developing land at the existing Seamer Road Football Stadium, Filey Road Sports and Tennis Centre and remaining land at the Weaponness site.

The development was discussed by members of Scarborough Council’s Planning and Develeopment Committee yesterday when members heard a proposed timetable for the project which would include:

- A Cabinet decision by June 8

- Public consultation between June 13 and August 8

- Analysis of the feedback and Planning Committee site visits during August and September

- A cabinet decision on the report in October

- A full council decision in November

- A final draft report published on November 15.

Cllr Mick Jay-Hanmer said he thought that public consultation period should be longer. He added: “We’ve been waiting a long time for this. I don’t think the time suggested is long enough – it all seems to have come as a rush.”

Jill Low, the council’s planning manager, said that it was a longer period than the statutory requirement. She added: “We’ve extended it to eight weeks, or two months, it’s actually two weeks longer than the normal statutory period. That is quite ample time for people to come forward with their views.”

Cllr Jane Mortimer, the committee chairman, said that the planned development of sporting facilities in the area had been discussed as far back as 2007. She added: “It’s also been in the Scarborough Evening News before – it might have been when it was discussed in November last year.

“The consultation should be before the school holidays. We want to take it to the schools to get their views.”

Pauline Elliott, the council’s head of regeneration and planning, said: “A great deal of thought has gone into this. We fully intend to try and reach as many people as we can.”

The moves could finally pave the way for the demolition of the former Athletic Ground, in Seamer Road, with 75 new homes expected to be built on the site.

If the plan is finally approved it would deliver a host of facilities which could include the football ground, an outdoor multi–use games area for tennis and football, and a sports centre comprising an indoor hall, fitness suite, activity studio and squash courts.

A report into the proposed work, which could begin next year, shows the base capacity for the new stadium – built to Football Association Grade C standard – could extend to 3,000 in future seasons