Residents reminded to return forms

SCARBOROUGH residents are being reminded to complete and return their electoral register forms before Monday.

If forms are not returned, Scarborough Council is required by law to carry out a house to house canvass and has to employ people to visit those properties who have not responded.

Sue Bedford, the council’s elections officer encourages residents to use text messaging, the freephone number and the internet to complete the forms.

She said: “Providing all details are unchanged on the form it is quick, simple and free, it also helps the council to cut down on administration, saving time and money.

“At the current time 37,500 forms have been returned out of a total of 57,000. This still leaves 19,500 outstanding.

“The deadline for updated forms is fast approaching and if you do not register now you may lose the chance to have your say on how services are provided in your area by not being able to vote in the next election.”

Full details of how to fill in the electoral registration form, including opting out of the edited version which is used for commercial purposes, will be included with the form.

If anyone requires assistance or advice when completing their form they should contact the elections office helpline on (01723) 232309, 383545 or 232307.