Sea plan will have ‘no effect’ on town defence

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A SCARBOROUGH marine conservation group has rejected proposals for new sea defences in the town.

Scarborough Council’s Cabinet yesterday agreed to push on with plans for a rock armour or concrete slope revetment to shield the Spa Complex from the North Sea.

The scheme could cost up to £20 million.

However, Freddie Drabble, a founder member of the Sons of Neptune, said: “We are horrified that a sum, believed to be in the region of £20 million, should be thrown away at a time of national economic constraint.

“The cost in reality is much greater when you consider the negative impact on the environment - the loss of a massive tract of beach and the impairment of the finest coastal scenery.

“We went to considerable expense to get a second opinion from Dr Bruce Denness who makes it absolutely clear that rock armour or concrete on the beach has no effect on the stability of the cliffs at the back of the Spa.

“As for wave over-topping, this is minimal and there is no record of damage as the Spa area is sheltered by the Castle headland.