Third UKIP councillor jumps ship

Cllr Sam Cross
Cllr Sam Cross

The leader of Scarborough Council's UKIP group has resigned from the party.

Filey ward councillor Sam Cross will now sit as an independent.

He joins Cllrs Jonathan Dodds and Colin Haddington, who quit the party earlier this year.

Cllr Cross said: “I have been a member of UKIP for just over four years, having previously been an independent councillor for the best part of a decade.

“The Party’s biggest achievement was without doubt last year’s referendum on our continued membership of the EU, when the majority of the country voted to leave.

“In this area the vote was two-thirds to one-third to split from this undemocratic and wasteful institution.

“UKIP’s raison d’etre has been achieved, and we are leaving. In my view it is job done.

“I was also proud to sit on North Yorkshire County Council as one two UKIP members."

Cllr Cross lost his seat on North Yorkshire County Council to the Conservatives in May, as UKIP suffered big losses in the local elections.

Both the Conservatives and Labour are targeting UKIP councillors for gains in the 2019 borough elections.

UKIP now has two seats out of 50 on Scarborough Borough Council.