Town Hall move ‘will rip heart out of town’

SCARBOROUGH Chamber of Trade has reiterated its stance against the sale of the Town Hall following recent developments.

Chamber chairman Chris Golder, who is manager of Boyes’ Queen Street store, claimed the move would “rip the heart out of Scarborough”.

At a Scarborough Council meeting on Friday councillors agreed to accept an offer of £3 million for the site – after the deal was amended to allow more public consultation.

Mr Golder said: “Moving all of Scarborough Council’s staff out of the town centre would rip the heart out of Scarborough.

“The vibrancy of our town centre relies on having offices there. There are 340 people based in the town hall and then there are the many, many people who visit the town hall both from in and around Scarborough and elsewhere.

“Consider the loss of more than 340 people who regularly shop, use cafes, pubs, restaurants, banks and so on, all year round – the effect on Scarborough town centre could be disastrous.

“Scarborough Chamber of Trade is all in favour of new investment in the town but not if it comes at the expense of a prosperous town centre.”

Under the revised agreement the decision on the move will be taken by the council in July – after concerns it was being rushed through – and if they opt to stay put there is the option of giving the £3 million back to the Homes and Community Agency.