Whistleblower calls for council action

Ben Marriott
Ben Marriott

Speaking to The Scarborough News, whistleblower Ben Marriott, who will have a damages hearing in December, said he had suffered for two years for trying to do the right thing.

Mr Marriott suffered three heart attacks during his two year battle to get his employer to investigate his allegations. Instead, he said his claims were presented as a “personal vendetta” by a disgruntled employee.

He said: “At the end of the day the should have taken my concerns seriously but as the judges found they had no appetite to do so.

“I was sent to Coventry by the people I worked with as they were told I was a whistle-blower, it made it impossible for me to return to work which is why I had to resign.

“The legal action has cost me thousands of pounds so far.

“They employed a QC early on in the process so God knows how much public money that they have wasted on this case – and only for the judge to confirm that what I had said all along that the allegations I made had not been investigated properly.”

Mr Marriott joined the council in 2002, first working in the cleansing department, before moving to the Property Services Team at the Dean Road Depot.

After news of his whistleblowing emerged he claims his car was vandalised and he was shunned at work.