Poor quality of service

Having attended the 8th Destroyer Flotilla Reunion at the Spa in Scarborough for over 20 years, I was dismayed to learn that because of increased charges that this year’s would be the last, it was voted by a large majority to hold the next event in Bridlington.

However, after seeing the quality of the hospitality metered out I have changed my mind.

Bearing in mind the majority of the ex-sailors attending are over 80 years old and served on long commissions during the Korean War (my late husband from 1951-1954) they were given a new venue for the Friday night get-together instead of the usual ball room, we were located on the ground floor, the bar had to be accessed by four or five steps, some people were having difficulty negotiating these with drinks in their hands.

I arrived early and took the table’s order, the bar was serviced by three young men who clearly did not have managerial knowledge of running a bar or keeping beer, (I speak as an ex-landlady) amongst my order I asked for a pint of John Smiths, I could not believe what emerged from the pump, just froth that did not settle, a further four glasses were filled before beer appeared, this was dull and did not settle, I informed the bar tender that it was old stock and the pumps needed cleaning. My hotelier said that two of her clients had complained about the beer too as did many of the men at the event. Having four drinks to carry I asked the bar tender if he would carry them to the table, which he did. I noticed as the evening progressed that more people requested this service.

Things went from bad to worse on the Saturday evening again three young people without much knowledge were in attendance, dirty glasses on the bar were not removed, they ran out of ice and lemon early, some of the optic stands were empty. When I went to the bar on Sunday afternoon I was pleased to see that ice and lemon was available but the stains from the previous night were clearly visible on the optic shelf it had not been cleaned.

The management need to get their act together before more trade is lost.

Delia M Smith

Mordacks Road