A popular walk with remarkable sea views

One of our favourite local walks departs from Cloughton - a pleasant village which lies six miles north-west of Scarborough and is easily accessed by bus or private transport. This popular short walk of about four miles starts from the northern end of Cloughton.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 4:00 pm

From Scarborough, take the A171 Whitby road only as far as its junction with the Ravenscar road.

Here, bear right to park near the Cober Hill centre on Newlands Road, from where this walk begins.

Start. Just below Cober Hill is Newlands Lane. Turn off down here, passing Court Green Close, and then off left features Court Green.

The metalled road passes through an open gateway, then gradually rises towards an old stone bridge spanning the dismantled Scarborough to Whitby railway line.

Follow the farm lane across agricultural land with remarkable views towards the sea.

Then follows a gentle descent to a small car park at the end of the track. Cloughton Wyke is viewed close by, and its rocky shore easily accessed if you wish. Scarborough Castle is seen in the distance.

At the car park a seat is provided with a view over Cloughton Wyke - the ‘wyke’ being a small sheltered bay. Why not have a cuppa here if you brought a flask?

Next, bear left from the seat and go down the bank to follow the path along the edge of the cliff. Shortly, descend to a small stream, and cross it by the stones. Proceed with pig-netting to the left. Observe areas of cliff erosion now fenced off.

Remain on the broad track along the field boundary, then descend several steps before negotiating an ascent. You’ll find about 70 well-constructed steps skirting a woodland. Sycarham Wood has a heart of gold in springtime.

Masses of springtime flowers flourish here, along with little, truly wild daffodils which are protected by law.

A gradually ascending path, broadly stepped, leads to the summit.

Fields lie beside the cliff path, and open views extend seawards.

Follow pig-netting to the right, and you soon join the track from Hood Lane, as indicated by the ‘acorn’ symbol. Bear right along the track, following the yellow waymarker arrow.

You may observe roe deer grazing in open glades among the scrub below the cliff.

The path narrows between gorse bushes to the left, and oak etc to the right. The bushes provide a most effective wind break. Golden gorse blossom emits a ‘fruity’ odour resembling coconut/orange.

Where breaks occur in the hedgerow, Hayburn Wyke is glimpsed. With binoculars, view the waterfall tumbling onto the beach. Hayburn Wyke is well known for its fossils of ferns and sea creatures.

The path descends to a stile, giving access to woodland which can prove slippery after rainfall.

Walk between stands of pine, silver birch and holly. As the ground levels, a signpost is reached.

Do not descend steps to the Cleveland Way, but bear left towards a gateway and stile.

Cross the stile, and bear right across the corner of a field towards an old stone wall and gateway.

A stile guides you onto a track, and a stone-walled approach to Hayburn Wyke Hotel, where refreshment may be obtained. Having called at the hotel, your route bears sharp left up the access road to the hotel.

About 50 metres uphill, you reach the junction of road and disused railway track.

Turn left along the dismantled Yorkshire Coast Railway track, where silver birch and willow feature.

Shortly you pass an isolated dwelling on the left - Northend House.

We remember days when this cottage was delightfully renovated.

Proceed along the track and cross the stone bridge ahead before descending by steps to the right, into Hood Lane.

Entering Hood Lane, turn left and walk to the brow of the hill. My parents once lived at ‘Little Pastures’ on the left. The lane then descends to join Newlands Road.

Turn left along the roadside by stone walling to return to Cloughton village, the bus stop, and your departure point.

Distance: 4 miles.

Refreshment: Hayburn Wyke Hotel. Also several pubs and shops in Cloughton village.