Postmistress Bessie dies at age of 97

Bessie Robinson.jpg
Bessie Robinson.jpg

A POSTMISTRESS who was one of the Post Office’s longest serving employees has died peacefully at a Scarborough nursing home.

Bessie Robinson, 97, died in her sleep at Rambla Nursing Home on September 7.

Her niece has paid tribute to her “remarkable” aunt, who worked at Hackness post office for an astonishing 68 years.

Eileen Beaumont said: “She was an amazing woman, and devoted her entire life to the post office and to the church.

“You don’t see people having careers like that any more, I think it was the way that the family were brought up. They had a very strong work ethic.”

Bessie was born in 1914 at Church Farm, in Ravenscar, just months before the start of the First World War.

She was one of six siblings in a family where post ran in the blood. Her family had already been in charge of the post office for generations at this point, and it was when Bessie turned 14 that she started learning the family trade by helping her grandmother run the Post Office.

After her grandmother died, her aunt took over and the pair ran the Post Office during World War Two, even taking in an evacuee from Bristol, and the pair were “doubtful of his safety in the country because there was not an Anderson shelter like the one back home in Bristol!”

It was in 1958 that Bessie eventually took over from her aunt, and amazingly kept the service running until 1996, when she finally retired, aged 82.

The Post Office also shut, but that was not to be the end of Bessie’s relationship with the building.

She had the shop turned into a kitchen, and she moved into the building, living there until she was 95, when she moved into the Rambla, in Scalby Road.

Besides work, Bessie was also a lifelong member of Hackness Church, running its Sunday school.

Her niece said: “The post office and the church were her two biggest passions in life. She didn’t really have any hobbies, purely because she didn’t have enough time in the day.”

A funeral was held for Miss Robinson at Hackness Church last Monday.