Praise for rescuers who saved visitor

A HOLIDAYMAKER had to be rushed to Scarborough Hospital after falling in to Whitby Harbour.

Quick-thinking police officers have since been praised for their action during the early morning rescue operation.

North Yorkshire Police were alerted at around 1.50am yesterday after receiving a call from a 39-year-old woman from Middlesbrough, who was threatening to jump from West Pier.

Officers raced to the scene and as they approached the woman, who was now standing near the lighthouse, fell from the pier into the water.

An officer ran to the emergency life ring and threw it to the woman who managed to climb inside it and was pulled back towards the harbour wall.

As 3ft waves broke over the woman’s head, the Whitby inshore lifeboat pulled her semi-conscious from the sea.

A waiting ambulance took her to Scarborough Hospital where she was treated for exposure to the cold, water inhalation and various cuts and bruises.

Sergeant John Webb, of Whitby police, said: “Thanks to the quick response from the officers involved and the lifeboat crew, the woman was rescued before she came to any serious harm.”